About Us

BitWallet is a high-security cryptocurrency wallet and exchange.

With BitWallet, it’s easy for anyone to send and receive Bitcoin and other digital currencies anywhere in the world, instantly, for free.

BitWallet is a United States Department of Treasury ‘Money Service Business’.

Meet the Team

John T. Perrone

President & CEO at BitWallet™

Ken Zimmern

Chief Operating Officer & Lead Attorney at BitWallet™

Doug Winnie

Chief Financial Officer at BitWallet™

Martin Caldera

Chief Technology Officer at BitWallet™

Mike O'Tule

Business Analyst at BitWallet™

Wendy Buskop

Lead Patent Attorney at BitWallet™

Dean McMichael

Investor & Advisor at BitWallet™

Jennifer Wise

International Accounting Manager at BitWallet™

Len Walker

Lead SEC Attorney at BitWallet™

Mike LaBelle

Chief Marketing Officer at BitWallet™

Johan Parra

Lead Digital Marketing Strategist

Tom Perrone

Business Consulting Officer at BitWallet™

Brock Lunardi

Software Consultant at BitWallet™

Adam Lewis

Cryptocurrency Advisor at BitWallet™

Andrew Engram

Fundraising Consultant at BitWallet™